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NB: leveres med 1 batteri til ca. 5 min flyvetid.
Men man kan ikke lade være med at flyve når man først er i gang.
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I pakken:

  • RC EYE One S (Mode 2)
  • 7.4 V 350 mAh LiPo Batteri
  • USB LiPo Oplader
  • 4 x Ekstra Propeller (2 x Sorte, 2 x Røde)
  • Fjernbetjenig
  • 2 x AAA Batteri
  • Intruktionsbog (Engelsk)



Acrobatic Flip Ability

Semi automatic acrobatic mode is available. It can be applied in SPORTS and EXPERT mode and allows you to have more excitement and fun.

Light Weight and Ready to Fly Mini Copter

RC EYE One S weighs less than 100 grams, it reacts sensitively to wind or draughts. The RC EYE One S is tiny, very strong and durable. It’s powered with a LiPo battery (7.4 V 350 mAh) and can be charged simply by using the charger provided. The copter is ready-to-fly straight out of the box and comes fully built with no assembly required.

Designed for Indoor and Outdoor Flight Experience

The flight model can be operated both in inner rooms and outdoor. Simple-to-use control allows you to fly at a more leisurely pace if desired.

3 Flight Modes - From Beginner to Expert

The model is designed for beginners as well as experienced model helicopter pilots. There are 3 different flight modes (Beginner, Sports and Expert) and could be equally fun for beginners as well as experts. The remote control transmitter can be programmed to five different transmitter channels so that five pilots can fly five different RC EYE Ones together.

Self-Stabilizing Flight Characteristics

It reacts sensitively to wind or draughts. The in-built electronic controls can balance out small undesired changes to the flight altitude.


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RC EYE One S batteri

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Propeller til RC Eye One S

Propeller til RC Eye One S

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Crash Kit (for RC EYE One S)

Crash Kit (for RC EYE One S)

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